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Need some tips for BPMN modeling

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by Andrej Pawn in BPMN posted on 2017-01-22

Hello ARIS community, 

im trying to summarize my BPMN and tried to make a lot of subprocesses. The problem is that you can't send messages out of a subprocess. (

Here is some graphic i made for my example: 

Graphic 1

This is what i want to show. (in the lower one a task is missing before "Information Ok?"; shown right in Graphic 2)

But with the message restriction i don't think that im allowed to do that (It is not possible to model the lower part in the subprocess normally, because no messages can go out).

I tried to model it in another way, but it isn't that small and seems more complicated:
Graphic 2

Somebody has an idea how to model it properly that it fits in one task? I was studying some books and the internet, but have not found an example what solves my problem. 


Andrej Bauer 

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M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-02-09


first of all, a sub-process is modelled in a BPMN process diagram, so in the sub-process you don't have Pools, hence no other pools to exchange messages with. The entire sub-process is executed within a single pool, because by definition it is in the pool, where the sub-process appears in the collaboration diagram. Remember, that you always have to be able to expand the sub-process symbol, showing the sub-process inside it and there are no pools allowed inside a sub-process symbol.

So my suggestion is: Leave the detail process as in your first example, but model it in a process diagram without the pools and message exchanges. The message tasks are fine. In the collaboration diagram you might want to add the message objects for the request and response messages.

Remember: A sub-process is a black box. So it has to be comprehensible what is going on without expanding the sub-process.

Regards, M. Zschuckelt

Andrej Pawn posted on 2017-02-14

Hello M. Zschuckelt,

thank you for your reply. So it is okay to model message events without a message arrow? 
If i understood you right this would be allowed? 

Regards, Andrej