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System Engineering Vee Diagram

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by Adam Hulse in ARIS in practice posted on 2016-12-28

Hello All,

I'm new to ARIS (Designer) so I'm still learning the ropes. I've been doing a lot of Asset Management (value chain) modeling but I wanted to take a break and do something simple more towards my profession as a System Engineer.

I want to create a standard V diagram to show a lifecycle of a project. But I don't know what Model Type to use. (There are so many.)

Is there any recommendations?



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Carsten Pitz posted on 2016-12-28

Hello Adam,

I am well aware of the V-Model, a process model which covers the whole lifecycle of a product.But I am not aware of an vie diagram.

The V-Model was originally developed by IABG for the German Armed Forces, but has been widely adopted. The IEC/ISO 61508 and its derivatives as examples the IEC/ISO 50126 & IEC/ISO 50128 (aka CENELEC) for railway systems or the ISO 26262 for automotive systems use the V-Model as process model. And as ISO 26262 does, also ISO/IEC 33020:2015 (aka Automotive SPICE) is based on the V-Model.

OK 'nough history. As a process model the V-Model describes a process. Consequently I would use a process diagram to illustrate the V-Model. Taking the notations ARIS covers, these could be

  1. a value chain diagram,
  2. an EPC diagram or
  3. a BPMN diagram.

Best regards,


Adam Hulse posted on 2016-12-28

Thanks for the input! "Vee" is just how some people write it and I wanted to be clear. But yes, a V-Model. I use it all the time.

Just for others reading this, I also got a seperate response (from the ARIS employee who is involved when we bought the product) where a Structuring model might be used.

Carsten Pitz posted on 2016-12-29

Well yes, you may also interpret the V-Model as a structure, a table of contents to be more precise.