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I seem to be having some trouble with one of the ARIS features that doesn't quite make sense to me. Here is sequence of events.

1. Created a value chain process

2. Created a set of Roles and Organizational Units

3. Created a Matrix model and mapped (checked) processes from the value chain to Roles and Organizational Units

4. Went back to value chain process, selected a value chain activity. In Properties went to Relationships tab, saw the relationship I made in the Matrix (good).

5. Clicked on that relationship in the properties/relationship tab. The "Show" button becomes available.

6. If the relationship contains a Role, then the activation of the Show button will show the relationship graphically. (good)

7. If the relationship contains a Organizational Unit, then the activation of the Show button will give an error "Unable to determina relationships to be inserted. All relationships may already be contained in the model, or they are not allowed for the default symbol of the object type to be inserted."

8. So I thought "Okay - that is a new lesson. Organizational Unit is too general to carry out an activity."

9. However, to test, I then manually created an Organizational Unit on that value chain process and was able to link it to the activity.

10. So now I'm confused. What happened?