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please help me :(

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by Faris adel in Research Projects posted on 2017-06-29

Hi ,

i'm Beginner in script of ARIS , I want to get Access Rights for user and user group , but i don't how to use getAccessRights(Group , int )  :(

Regards ,

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Jorge Reyna R. posted on 2017-06-29

Hi Ahmad,

The problem is that you are misusing the function:

Or maybe it is not the one you want or need to use:

Best regards
Jorge Reyna R.

Faris adel posted on 2017-06-30

Hi jorge ,

thanks alot , but how to give Group to put as parameter ?

please give me simple example

Best Regards ,

Florian Rese posted on 2017-06-30

Hi Ahmad,

below a small code snippet that might help:

var group = ArisData.getSelectedGroups()[0]; //first entry in the array


SelectedUser could be determined via database.AssignedUsers() for example. Really depends on the Context in which you want to execute the report and your use case.

Faris adel posted on 2017-06-30

Hi Florian Rese  ,

thanks alot bro :)

Regards ,