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Customizing layout on Publisher

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by Alexandre Ayres in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-09-26

Hello community, sorry about my English.
I'm encountering a problem modifying publishing layouts.
Two layouts have been created, which I'll call here "lay01" and "lay02". These layouts worked perfectly in version 9.7. We have just migrated to version 10.0 and the files with their respective images have been added to the following path: Publisher \ server \ bin \ work \ work_businesspublisher_m \ base \ webapps \ businesspublisher \ layouts.
The problem is: the moment you adjust the settings for
perform the publication and define which layout to use only appears for selection the "lay01", the other "default" options; "default_accessibility"; "admin" and lay02 no longer appear.
Would anyone have any idea what's going on?
Thank you very much in advance!

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AUGUSTINA PRAPA posted on 2017-09-28


we had the same problem when we migrated to ARIS 10.0.2. This is a bug. We contacted ARISĀ Support and they provided a workaround. Please see instructions below:

In Aris 10 there is a problem, that Architect displays only the one Publisher layout which is configured to be "oem01".

The OEM configuration is done in theĀ  layout\config\layout.cfg.xml file:

layout description="ARIS Business Publisher Default-Layout"

oemprofile="oem01, oem02" version="Version.V7_1"/>

So, as soon as the first layout with "oem01" is found, it is returned and other layouts are ignored.

To workaround this issue, please leave "oem01" only in the config file of the layout you want to be displayed in architect.

This issue will be fixed at the next service release.

Alexandre Ayres posted on 2017-09-28

Thanks for your answer!
But, I need to enable two custom layouts. Do you have any idea how to enable more than one at the same time?

M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-09-29


afaik 10.0.2 has not been released, yet. Are you talking about 10.0.1?

Alexandre Ayres posted on 2017-09-29

Yes, it is version 10.0.1

Unfortunately we will have to wait for the next realease.

Thanks for the answer!