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[SOLVED] Report script using external JAR file no longer working after installing v9.8.6

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by Allen V. in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-07-28

Hello ARIS community,

We have a custom script that we developed that uses an external JAR file.  This JAR file enables the report script to retrieve contact information for people in our corporate active directory by a web service.  This had been working all the way up to v9.8.1.  We have recently installed v9.8.6 and now we get the error

Unmarshalling Error: unexpected element (uri:"http://webservice", local:"deactivate")

Expected elements are <{http://webservice}nickname>,{http://webservice}hrSystem, ...

I submitted an empower ticket with Software AG, but I was told that since this is a custom script, they cannot help me.  I believe it must be something in the new version of how it is handling SOAP request from web service that is causing the error.  Maybe I have to modify the JAR file?  If anyone has any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate it.

As a test, I installed v9.8.6 on a test server and tried to run the report script.  It failed with the same error.  I uninstalled v9.8.6 and then reinstalled v9.8.1.  I ran the report script and it completed successfully.



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Allen V. posted on 2017-08-04

It turns out that v9.8.6 uses updated APIs when dealing with external JAR files.  The updated APIs were more sensitive to the response from the web service.  This web service client was written a while back and since then new elements were added to the web service.  The client did not know how to handle the web service response therefore threw an error.  I ended up having to update the client with the new elements in the WSDL file.  After compiling, overwriting the JAR file in \server\jre\lib\ext directory, and restarting the ARIS Connect server the report script is working again.