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Can I change ARIS Connect Server language to PT( Portugal)? The current PT I am able to apply is pt from Brazil

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by Ana Sequeira in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-04-24

I want to change my ARIS Connect Server language to portuguese from Portugal 

but until now I only managed to have portuguese from Brazil.

Is PT from Portugal available?

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Jorge Reyna R. posted on 2017-04-24

Hi Ana,

You can not change the ARIS Connect Server language to Portuguese of Portugal.

According to the 'Technical Product Matrix' document, only the Portuguese of Brazil is available.


Best regards
Jorge Reyna R.

Robert Vajdik posted on 2017-04-24

Hi Ana,

Portuguese from Portugal could be done by ARIS Connect Customization. If you need help with it pleas contact me. All I need is to have list of a changes in translation.

Best regards