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Simulation not available? ARIS Arquitect

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by Ana Sequeira in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-04-24

Hello everyone, I am using ARIS Arquitect 9.8 and I noticed I don't have the simulation option in the Evaluate tab.

I needed it for a demo. I tried selecting the model, elements, right click in the explorer - > evaluate and nothing

What can I do to have that option available?

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Frank Weyand posted on 2017-04-24

Please check whether the Simulation is switched on in the topics:


If this option cannot be changed, then you do not have the appropriate license. Contact your ARIS administrator in this case.



Jorge Reyna R. posted on 2017-04-24

Hi Ana,

As Frank mentions, you should check if Simulation is switched on in the topics.

Otherwise, you require the extension pack: Simulation.

EP Simulation

Best regards
Jorge Reyna R.

Ana Sequeira posted on 2017-04-26

Thank you for you answer Jorge.

I see I do require that extension pack, I was not aware of this. Thanks once again.

Ana Sequeira posted on 2017-04-26

Thank your your answer Frank , it turns out I do not own the appropriate license. I will contact my ARIS administrator. Really thankful for your simple to understand answer.