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Hidden CxnOcc by a macro script code

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by Andrey Gritsenko in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-07-05


Is there a way to set CxnOcc to invisible by a macro script. I did not find in Designer methods for that. But manually is model user can put one object with connection on other and Aris editor suggests to make hidden connection.

Regards, Andey.

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Tricarico Romain posted on 2017-07-06


Alternatively, you can create the cxnocc and send it to back with the method "toBack(model, occ)" from Designer global object. your connection will be behind object occurrences, so invisible.

Otherwise, this is possible by report script with the method :


ObjOcc.addEmbeddedObjOcc ( ObjOcc objOcc, int cxnBaseTypeNum )


Best Regards.

Romain Tricarico


Andrey Gritsenko posted on 2017-07-06

Thank you very much for your response.
But both methods have further problems.
For a macro script with sending to back a CxnOcc is than a user cannot move surrounding symbol with interal connected symbols together.
For a report script is that a user cannot start that script with manually created new object.
Maybe it is so simpler if I tell about my task.
A user creates a symbol on a model of needed object type (ObjOcc) selects it and runs a script which provides him a form where he can entries names of new needed connected to it objects. After to press 'Ok' the script must creates those objects and thier symbols placed over selected owner ObjOcc with connections to it.

Regards, Andrey.