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Export adf-files

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by Andrey Anikin in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-03-16

My colleague has installed  ARIS east design client 7.0 on his workstation. I have installed ARIS Express 2.0.

There are some diagrams exists on the ARIS-server.

Question: can ARIS east design client 7.0 export files with adf-format? I need edit that diagrams with ARIS Express 2.0.


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Frank Weyand posted on 2010-03-16


no, sorry, an export from ARIS professional products to ADF files does not exist. In addition, this will never be supported.

You can import ADF files into the Business Server using the Business Architect, but you need to have 7.1 Service Release 05, server and client.



Beth Davis posted on 2010-08-04

I see this is an old topic...can you please explain why this will never be supported?  We have a large population that we do not want to train on full ARIS, but could use ARIS express to update (read - mark up) existing models from an ARIS server.

Sebastian Stein posted on 2010-08-05

Hi Beth,

there are several reasons for it. For example, ARIS Express only supports a small sub-set of ARIS. Therefore, an export of models won't be possible, because people would need to stick to the modelling conventions defined by ARIS Express. If someone wants to export his models, he would need to remodel them to follow the ARIS Express conventions. We expect that the effort is similar to recreating the models directly in ARIS Express.

Besides, there are of course economical reasons. We, as a company, need to earn money to feed our children. We can't give away everything for free.