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Export/import user group

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by Giuseppe Spucches in Administration & User Management posted on 2016-12-23

When I restore a database, the user group is not restored.

In Aris Server Administrator using :

restore <database> or restoresystemdb <database>

Is there a way to restore a users group.

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Rune Becker posted on 2016-12-23

Dear Guiseppe,

Opposed to ARIS 7 where user accounts were part of each ARIS database, we have split that in ARIS 9. User information, such as profiles, group memberships, license & functional & database privileges etc., are now stored centrally in the User Management. That is an integral part of every ARIS Design/Connect Server, accessible http://localhost/umc or http://localhost/#default/adminUsers. There you can export all user data. Read on in UMC's online help how to manage it: http://localhost/umc/help/en/handling/index.htm#51558.htm

But instead of taking care of all ARIS data with individual backup/restore procedures, we made the life of an ARIS administrator a lot easier by using so called tenants in ARIS 9. A backup of a complete tenant will save ALL your data of ARIS 9. A tenant backup includes all your ARIS database, ARIS' internal system database, all user data save/restore ALL your data of ARIS 9  And its literally just one click in Tenant Management or one command line call in ARIS Cloud Controller.

You can access Tenant Management via http://localhost/tm/?tenant=master. Please read in its online help how to use it: http://localhost/tm/static/help/en/handling/index.htm#220196.htm


Giuseppe Spucches posted on 2017-04-27

Hello Rune,

Thanks for your help.

I could not use this functionality with Aris 9.8.1. After upgrading in Aris 9.8.6  that worked.