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Activation Wizard Hanging

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by A. S. in ARIS Express posted on 2017-02-23


I've downloaded Aris Express and created an account, but the Activation Wizard remains stuck after I've entered my login and password. The “checking username and password...” Java window runs for half a minute, then it disappears without anything happening.

I see that the same issue was described here in 2011:, but none of the solutions mentioned seem to work for me.

I'm not connecting through a VPN, my Java settings are as recommended, I've changed my password twice, I've tried setting localserver enabled="true" in the arisclient.cfg by opening it with the text editor, but no luck so far. I'm experiencing the same issue on both my Vista and my Seven computers. Do you have a workaround?

Thanks in advance! :)

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Dominik Neuhaus posted on 2017-02-23


I had the same problem and find out that this happens when there is a proxy server in the network which handles all the internet traffic. It seems that Aris Express is not supporting a proxy environment because I didn't find any options to configure.

At home the authentication works immediately.

@ArisTeam: Are there any plans to support proxy environments?

Best regards

A. S. posted on 2017-02-23

Hi Dominik!

Thank you for your reply! Based on your advice, I've tried disabling the proxy in my Java Configuration Panel (by selecting “direct connection”), as well as in my default browser to make sure, then I restarted the program. But unfortunately, it still stalls at this “Checking user name and password” stage... And I'm on a home network, too.

What else could I try? Is anybody else having this problem? é_è

Frank Weyand posted on 2017-02-24

Hi Dominik,

Express (as the windows setup version) uses a library to determine the proxy settings. Unfortunatly, via that library, not all proxy configurations are supported (DNS name guessing is supported, DHCP name guessing not, if you'd like to dig into details).

Hi A.

changing anything in your JRE panel does not have any effect for the windows installation. You would need to change the system settings for proxy usage.

The JRE panel settings are used for the webstart version, which I would recommend to use as an alternative.



A. S. posted on 2017-02-24

Hello Frank,

Thank you! The webstart version is the one launched with the “express.jnlp” file, right? Is it supposed to work with Java 1.8.0? When I start the installer, I get a message “Impossible to launch the application”. When I click on details, I obtain the following information.

Would you have any advice on this? :)

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Frank Weyand posted on 2017-02-24


btw: changing anything in a config file (localserver) does not help, this is a from information from a community member.

Yes, seems that the proxy is the problem.

Issue described here:

Same issue, most likely. The IT needed to change an exception rule.

The JRE is not allowed to load the JNLP file. You should ask your IT.



A. S. posted on 2017-02-24

Hi Frank,

O.K., thanks! The problem is, I don't have an IT – I'm not in a company, I'm on my home network. Would it be possible for you to briefly explain how I can “add an exception rule for the proxy” under Vista, to enable JRE to load the JNLP file?

In “Configure proxy server” in the Windows Configuration Panel, “Internet Properties”, I see that I have... no proxy server enabled. From there, I'm a bit at a loss how to proceed.

Frank Weyand posted on 2017-02-24


ok, then, this is strange. So what is shown in Exception encapsulée? (see your screenshot).

Do you have any firewall or security software on your machine?



A. S. posted on 2017-02-26

Hello Frank,

Here's my screenshot for “encapsulated exception”. Does it reveal the issue? :/

I use ZoneAlarm as a firewall. I've added an exception, but ARIS Express still stalls...

Thank you for your time, anyhow! :)

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Frank Weyand posted on 2017-02-27


Well, from application point of view, I think it is clear.

The call is forbidden... timeout for the connection. I think it actually is the firewall.

Could you contact me on per mail?

Thank you.

A. S. posted on 2017-02-27

O.K., I'll send you an email! Thank you very much! :-)

Frank Weyand posted on 2017-03-02


just for the protocol: it came out that the problem was the firewall.

Problem solved now :-)



Matthias Brandt posted on 2017-03-20


Same problem here. My company firewall or similar blocked the login process at the check point. I solved it by changing the network from the companies network to the eduroam network (scientific network) and it worked perfectly.