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ARIS Connect Archimate Models

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by Attila Pataki in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-02-20

Good Morning guys,

we recently migrated from ARIS 9.8 to Connect.

One of the reasons was to have the ability to work with Archimate. Modelling within the Design Server works fine, however when trying to publish Archimate Content Modells are not being shown. Besides that no Archimate models can be created within Connect although the entire Method filter is being used afaIk.

Besides that I can`t find the ability to apply filter outside of the Design Server. Is there a way to change the filter within Connect in order to see Archimate content ?

Thanks in advance

Kind Regards,



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Tanguy Petre posted on 2017-02-21

Hello Attila,

For Connect, there is a filter that is applied based on settings you need to setup using ARIS Architect/Designer. I suspect that you have the default filter. From ARIS Architect/Designer select your published database and right click to go to the properties of the database. You will see in the last item that you can apply a default palette (symbols type) and filter to this database. Those settings are used in Connect to display content from your database.

I hope it helps.

Kind regards,