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Aris Architect/Designer can't connect to Publisher's picture
by Bernard Ly in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-04-12

Hello all,

I have an issue connecting the Aris Architect client with the publisher server. My Publisher Server is redirecting all http to https by modifying the web.xml file.

We are using Aris 9.8 version and My publisher server http port is 80 and https port is 443.


When i add the publisher server i specify the port 80

1. While https is not enforced i am able to connect to my publisher server from the Aris Architect client.

2. While https is enforced i am not able to.

3. The thing is that i have the same setup in my dev environment (same port numbers and same https config) and it is working properly with https enforced.


Any idea ?



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Martin Schröder posted on 2017-04-13

Hello Bernard,

I am not quite sure to understand what you are trying to do.

1.) If you want to set up the connection from Aris Design/Connect Server to Publisher Server from your Architect client and your Publisher is not listening on the default port, then you need to configure Design/Connect Server first:

(My incidents solution by SAG support) to change a Design Server property (port 80 as an example):

  • Open the ARIS Server Administrator (arisadm90.exe) tool and connect to your ARIS server
  • Enter the following command: set abs.bp.port 80
  • The setting will become active instantly

This way of config change will not be overwritten by an update installation of ARIS, whereas manually editing the corresponding file


is "unsafe".

2.) Which Aris release do you use? Your mentioning a modified Publisher/tomcat web.xml reminds me of changes when updating to Aris 9.8.6 / 9.8.7. Only the ARIS - Update Cookbook instructs to manually update the Design Server's web.xml:

7.7 Update setting for ARIS Publisher Server
When updating to ARIS 9.8 SR6 or SR7 a manual file needs to be updated in order to properly publish ARIS databases
from ARIS Design/Connect Server to ARIS Publisher Server. For an installation sizing m the file web.xml can be found in


Search for remoting.DispatcherServlet and add ONLY the highlighted block <init-param>...</init-param> right before the closing tag </servlet>:


Regards, Martin

André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2017-04-13

Hi Bernard,

Are you getting some error when you try to use Https? Did you upload some client certificated to java ?

If you have some error, send the screenshots here.
Also I can say to you to check the 'administration_guide' and see the topic "8.3 HTTPS connection fails (SSL)", there are some error messages and steps to fix.