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Access to collaboration comments via report

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by Bernd Renner in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-11-30


one thing in our preparation for migration from ARIS 7.2 to ARIS 10 Connect is the question:

- Is it possible to get the comments that are made in Connect on a model within a report? (Comment, issue date of the comment)

I can't find such commands in the ARIS script help page.

Many thanks


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Rune Becker posted on 2017-11-30

Dear Bernd,

We offer a RESTful API for the Collaboration component of Connect. You can find the documentation on your Connect server via http://localhost/apidocs/.


Bernd Renner posted on 2017-11-30

Dear Rune,

thanks for the link.

But we want to use the collaboration comments in a report, so the API puts them far away from our target.

Is there no possibility to use the comments directly in a report?



Tanguy Petre posted on 2017-12-01

Hello Bernd,

We have created such a report, we export the comments from ARIS Connect and output into a Word document during a review process and we have a batch report that create objects in model for each comments in ARIS Connect.

Let me know your context and we are probably able to help you out. My email:

Kind regards,


Bernd Renner posted on 2017-12-04

Hello Tanguy,

the context is easy. We have an actual report for a process description in ARIS 7.2 and we are going to migrate to ARIS 10.

So we want to put the comments (Comment text, Issue date of the comment, Author) in a new chapter in the existing process description report.

Normally we can get all informations in an ARIS database via report, but the comments are missing.

Kind regards