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Aris cannot reach local server

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by Michał Białas in University Relations posted on 2017-08-15

Hello guys,

How are you doing? I am launching ARIS for the first time, I making some project for university classes, and when I try to set up connection I choose LOCAL, press ok and then ARIS is trying to reach local server but after few minuts an error appears saying that it was impossible to reach loacl server. 

Can someone advise me sth?



now when I have granted ARIS administrative privilages error says that ARIS's server was unable to reach

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Ranjitha R Venkataramanan posted on 2017-08-16

Dear Michal Bialas,

When installing ARIS, did you chose the option to Install with Local server? More often than not, one might have missed that option. If so, please reinstall ARIS with that option.

Please take a look at this FAQ: Local Server Error.