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Licensing problem with Aris Business Publisher

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by Björn Bergström in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-07-20


We have earlier this year installed ARIS 9.8 Design Server using postgres database with only a few users. Our company now bought a bundle containing a Publisher Server license and 100 Viewer licenses. All of these licenses have been imported to the UMC of the current Design Server. I installed the Publisher Server using the medium installation and MSSQL database following the Installation Document step by step. I did not import any licenses during the installation but I defined our old server as the UMC server (where the licenses are imported). When trying to access the Publisher Server it directly says that "the license you are using is not correct". Is there something I'm missing? Or is the license not imported the right way?

This is my first post here as I'm new to Aris. Sorry if this is in the wrong category.

Martin Schröder posted on 2017-07-20

Hello Björn,

managing ARIS licenses is a bit of a jungle.

The Publisher license and corresponding "extension packs" should be imported on the Publisher server during installation, in addition to loading it in Connect UMC. If you did not do it by means of the setup dialog, you can add it later (cf. Server Install Guide, provide license files for ARIS Publisher Server using ACC)

1. Save the license zip file on the Publisher server, e. g. d:/source/
2. Start ARIS Cloud Controller (ACC)
3. ACC+ localhost>stop businesspublisher_m
4. ACC+ localhost>enhance businesspublisher_m with license local file "d:/source/"
    (Note: forward slashes apply also on windows)
5. ACC+ localhost>start businesspublisher_m

The imported file name should show in:


In the UMC assign ARIS viewer licenses to all users/usergroups accessing Publisher exports.

Regards, Martin

Björn Bergström posted on 2017-07-21

Thank you Martin for the quick response!

Did not understand from the documentation that the license needs to be imported on the new server also. The license now works and I can login as the system user.

I can't see my users/usergroups created in UMC. I can see my test published export but as I can't see my usergroups I can't add access to the users with viewing licenses?



Martin Schröder posted on 2017-07-24

Hello Björn,

if you have Publisher configured to authenticate against the UMC (as you wrote: "I defined our old server as the UMC server...") then permissions and license assignments are managed only there - and in Aris Architect on the database level.

The usergroup/users to access to the publisher export must at least have read permission in the published database on your Design Server.

On the Publisher administrators page "profiles" you only need to activate the export and decide whether to allow anonymous access. An export profile is usually named as "Export name.Usergroup name.(Method Filter Name)"

Hope this helps, Martin


Björn Bergström posted on 2017-07-28


Got this fixed, as I'm a new user I did not know that you also have to assign privileges on the database level. After that I got everything working as expected.

Thank you Martin for all your help.