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Dealing with documents

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by Mario Schulte in ARIS in practice posted on 2017-08-03


I have some questions regarding the presentation of documents as an input/output in a EPC.

If a document is changed in several process steps in a row, do you always say it is an input (because you need it to perform your activity), and, because you change the content with each process step, always as an output? How would you name the documents? Should it be a single name (e.g document xy), as I use only one single template (which is also shared in the ARIS document library), or should I give kind of a status information (like document xy update A, update xy B etc.).

The point is, to make it clear for everybody who reads, but also I want to avoid that the process flow explodes.


What is your experience and recommendation?

Thanks for feedback!

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Gerald Schroeder posted on 2017-08-08

Hello Mario,

have you considered to use Function Allocation Diagrams (FAD) for that case? FADs can help to visualize more complex situations to one activity concerning input/output, roles and/or organizational units. So if you link FADs to the activities where the document is changed, someone who is interested in the states of the document can navigate to that more detailed information and the epc remains more clear.
What I would try to get an idea of, is to think about the it in "The point is, to make it clear for everybody ...".
Generally I would not consider to overload the model with to many object occurences of the document, because this can be very boring to the ones who read the model. Maybe you just use a text-box on the model to describe what the main intention is concerning the document.

BR Gerald