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Accessing Mashzone from client system

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by CHETHAN RAO in MashZone posted on 2016-04-22


I have installed ARIS Mashzone v9.9 in Windows server 2008 and I'm able to access using the below link


But when tried to access the same link from client side I'm getting an error message as" Internet Explorer cannot display the content"

The Adobe Flash player is present in the client browser but still the error.


Can you please tell me is there any other configuration which needs to be done to access Mashzone from client side.


Thanks and REgards,

Chethan Rao.

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CHETHAN RAO posted on 2016-08-17

Hi,I have additionally opened port and the login page seems to be appearing to a user , but when tried by another user a blank page is appearing with no error message or any kind of message. The flashplayer used is of version 15.0.0.

When right clicked on any location...i can see the option as "Movie not loaded

Can anyone inform me whether this is because of the Network Slowness or is there anything missed out.


Chethan Rao.