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I have a question regarding the versioned database in ARIS 9.


Now the scenario is that I have a database which contains around 10 models across groups which are not related/assigned with each other and now I create a version ( Change list 1) on a single model ( say Model A).

My question is when I log in into the database with the current version( or version 1) will the database have all the 10 models or just the model(i.e., Model A) which was versioned?


Please help me out on this which is correct, as I previously thought that only the Model A will appear if I login with current version but when I tested it out I can see all the 10 models.

Was the functionality same in ARIS 7 and ARIS 9 or did it get changed or a bug in ARIS 9.



Chethan Rao.