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How to best model a shared service?

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by Chris Kings-Lynne in ARIS in practice posted on 2017-01-24


Our enterprise has an overarching corporate entity, with dozens of small business units.  To the side of all these business units we have our "shared services".  For example, HR.  

I need to model the business processes, etc., of our business units, and I need to be able to model two things:

  1. What a shared service looks like (org, business services provided, business processes, capabilities)
  2. How it looks when a shared service has a function they deliver on one of the business unit processes

I can obviously model the roles and organisation of the shared service easily enough.  I can also model its service landscape.  I'm wondering how to then present that as a business service or something in the process model, if I should be using Business Service at all, or even how to nicely distinguish internally provided products and services to external ones to customers.

Does anyone have any tips?




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