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Locked models and objects

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by Christa Olivier in User Support posted on 2017-01-10

Is there a way to get a report from ARIS that list all the locked models and objects? The list of locked models and objects can be viewed in the Locked items section. We would like to have report with all the the locked items.

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Kabelo Mangole posted on 2017-01-12

Hi Christa,

This can be done using the [Locking] report script component, this script report component can be used to determine which models/objects are currently locked and by which user. They can also be used to lock/unlock models/objects through the script.

var oLockComp = Context.getComponent("Locking"), this component exposes methods such as [getLockedModels(), getLockedObjects(), getLockInfo(), getLockOwner()] all with variable parameters depending on the requirement or scope.


Christa Olivier posted on 2017-01-19

Thanks for response Kabelo