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Alexa, ask ARIS…

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by Christian Barth in BPM is fun posted on 2017-12-30

An Enterprise Architect is planning a rollout of a new software release for Microsoft SQL 2016 server and wants to know:

  • Alexa, ask ARIS: on which servers is Microsoft SQL 2014 installed?
  • Alexa, ask ARIS: which application systems are in relationship with these Microsoft SQL 2014 servers and who is the responsible application manager for each application system?
  • Alexa, ask ARIS: Based on the list of identified application systems, what processes are supported by these systems and which person is responsible for every single process?

Based on those results the Enterprise Architect would be able to get in touch with all relevant people  from IT and business side for clarification of down times, compatibility and all further dependencies.

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