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Registration Email

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by Christine Edden in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-07-20

My colleague has been unable to access Aris Express due to the registration 'Account details' email not arriving. They cannot attempt to register again due to the email address already being registered and the forgotten password link also does not result in an email. I have also tried to reset my password and have not received the reset email. Yes I have checked my junk mail folder.

Please advise.

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Miro Goepel posted on 2017-07-21

Dear Ms. Edden,

I kindly ask you and your colleague to send an email to in which you specify the email address that you've used to register your user accounts. The admin team will provide you with new passwords.


Some companies use email filters above user level which results in emails being filtered without any information given to the intended recipient. Please contact the IT support of your company to make sure that emails from are never filtered.