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DMN with ARIS 10

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by Christopher Wegner in ARIS in practice posted on 2018-01-23


i'm trying to use the recently advertised DMN (DMN Decision requirements diagram, DMN Decision table model, DMN Invocation model) but I really miss any (!!!) description by Software AG of how to realize it like the OMG intends it to.

Does anyone already done it?

Is anyone out there having an example for me having realized the described DMN example (--> attached, page 145) in ARIS?

Thank you in advice


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Tom Thaler posted on 2018-01-23

Hi Christopher,

very happy to see your interest in modeling DMN with ARIS. We are still working on enriching the DMN capabilites, however, I want to provide some examples, which hopefully clarify your questions.

First of all a DMN Decision Requirement Diagram (DRD), which is quite similar what is shown on page 147 in the spec. 


For that, you have several specific objects/symbols...

... and of course connections:


To make decisions based on the just mentioned requirements, you use the DMN Decision Table:


Moreover, you are able to define a context related to a decision with the DMN Context Diagram including e.g. the following objects:


Hope, that helps!

Best regards, Tom