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Export model UML 2.5 to UML 2.2

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by cristina casmayor in ARIS in practice posted on 2016-11-22
Good afternoon. I have a model created in ARIS UML DESIGNER (class diagram) in UML 2.5, but I want to export it to version 2.2. I know that the transformation is done with XSL sheets, but I do not know how to create it to perform such transformation. Can you give me an example of how it could be? Thank you!
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Carsten Pitz posted on 2016-11-22

Hi Christina, 

uml 2.2 and 2.5 share the same MOF version. Consequently the XMI might be the same. 

Best regards 


cristina casmayor posted on 2016-11-23

My problem is that I try to import an ARIS UML Designer model into Rational Software Architect, but it gives me the error that it only supports UML version 2.2. ARIS UML models use UML version 2.5, so I would like to know how to do an XSLT to transform the UML model from version 2.5 to 2.2.

Carsten Pitz posted on 2016-11-23

Hi Cristina,

as the MOF has not changed, my first attempt would be to substitute



xmlns:uml= ""


A problem that might occur, is the splitting of the UML XMI in

  • superstructure
  • infrastructure
  • L0
  • L1
  • L2
  • L3

has been omitted in 2.5. In 2.5 there is only a single UML XMI instead of 6 up to 2.4.1.

Best regards


cristina casmayor posted on 2016-11-25

In Aris Uml Designer I do care about the XMI that is generated in RSA, but only creates the folder structure, without actually importing the diagram. Is there a way in ARIS, so that I can create the diagram? This is an example of a Class Diagram that I created in RSA, but I have not imported the model in ARIS Uml Designer.


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Carsten Pitz posted on 2016-11-25

IBM RSA is based on an old version of EMF (Eclipse Modeling Framework). EMF strictly adheres to the separation of concerns pattern. Consequently EMF separates models from their visualization, the diagrams.

Having this in mind, you observe the -- more precise at least my -- expected behavior of the XMI import ;-)

So you can drag&drop the elements from the model into empty diagrams to reconstruct the diagrams. The associations should -- this what I expect -- be added to the diagrams by "magic". As a result you likely just need to drag&drop non-association elements.

Best regards


Carsten Pitz posted on 2016-11-25

some additions:

Eclipse Papyrus as another UML tool takes

* the actual version of the Eclipse Modeling Framework as model handler


* Eclipse (Obeo) Sirius as diagram handler.

Eclipse Modeling framework and Eclipse (Obeo) Sirius are maintained by two completely separated teams and have individual (in this case harmonized) lifecycles.

Best regards