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Multiple educational license

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by Ilya Plakitin in University Relations posted on 2016-10-03

Our university group wants to establish of ARIS in the university class (20 computers). We know as we can get an individual license, but how do we can get multiple license?
Thank you!

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Jiri Mares posted on 2016-10-04


for that purpose you can easily use the "university pack" where you get  1x license for ARIS Design Server and 99 licenses for Clients (ARIS Architect/Designer). But it requires obviously server-client approach. Or you should be able to use the licenses for ARIS Client (Architect) installations with so called "local database system" where you don´t need the central ARIS Design Server at all. But you will need for every single ARIS Client (in your case 20) a PC with at least 8 GB RAM (thus 64 bit system) as there is installed silently small "local server" together with the Client installation. I´d definitely recommend for university usage the server-client approach ...    

Ilya Plakitin posted on 2016-10-06

Well, I agree with you. But how do I get a "university pack"? Who should send an application and where?

Ilya Plakitin posted on 2016-10-06
issue has been resolved. Thanks.