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UML in Aris

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by Diego Labrador in User Support posted on 2017-01-02

Hi all

I need to use a UML 2 in Aris Architect, but I can't find the models. Do I need some module? I find it in the help, but not in the listed diagrams. This models are discontinued?

Any help will be appreciated



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Gerald Schroeder posted on 2017-01-02

Hi Diego,

wish you a lucky new year 8o)

To use UML 2 in ARIS9 requires an additional license. The UML2-Client for ARIS and the manual for the use of UML2 in ARIS (ARIS UML Designer introduction.pdf) are located on the installation media.

My recommendation: If your need for UML2 in ARIS is a onetime/occasional thing I would recommend to use a freeware-UML-Tool or maybe Visio with UML-Shapes. If you intend to use UML2-Models to enhance your Process-Modeling in general you should check your ARIS-Licences and if necessary purchase the UML2-Extension Pack ...

BR Gerald

Diego Labrador posted on 2017-01-02

Hi Gerald, I wish you have it too!!!

Thanks a lot for the information, I'll check my license information