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ARIS 9.8 Design - Cannot connect to http://localhost/umc

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by Marcel de Jong in Administration & User Management posted on 2016-09-29

Hi all, I had to install ARIS 9.8 Design Server on a fresh Windows 2012 server. We have more than 50 users so i choose for a "Large" install with MS SQL 2012. First i modified the envset.bat with our parameters. Executed inst.bat and the database is installed succesfully. Next step installing the Design Server software. Used for sql the same parameters as in envset.bat.

Installation succeeded. Then the installation manual pointed to page 51. Use the administration tool to modify settings.

You have to go to http://localhost/umc ? When i enter this url the page cannot be found.

I also started "Start Aris Design Server" but no change.

Who has tips or suggestions for me to check?

Much appreciated.


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Tricarico Romain posted on 2016-09-29


Did you specify a port number when you install the server?

The default port is 1080, so try : http://localhost:1080/umc from the server

or :

http://<Server ip>:<port number>/umc.

Best Regards

Romain Tricarico


Marcel de Jong posted on 2016-09-30

Hi Romain, thanks for your suggestion. During install i kept the default ports (80/443).  Port 1080 is not working. I also see not all runnables run:

ACC+ localhost>list runnables
On node localhost 14 runnables are installed
zoo_l          : STARTED
postgresECP_l  : STARTED
couchdb_l      : STARTED
cloudsearch_l  : STARTED
elastic_l      : STARTED
adsadmin_l     : STARTED
umcadmin_l     : STARTED
loadbalancer_l : STOPPED
abs_l          : STARTING
apg_l          : STOPPED
copernicus_l   : STARTING
octopus_l      : STOPPED
ecp_l          : STARTED
simulation_l   : STOPPED

any idea why not all runnables run?

Jiri Mares posted on 2016-10-04


you need all runnables in state "started".  And as I see the abs_l runnable in STARTING state, I bet my shoes there is a timeout to external DMBS (in your case the MS SQL server), which is in most cases caused by wrong connection string, password or things like that or maybe you didn´t  provide the ARIS server with correct database driver. Have you checked ABS logs? You will find there definitely some more details why it is stuck in the starting state. The other runnables just wait when ABS starts but if there is a problem with connection to external DBMS they obviously won´t start.  Even if you you start them manually the ARIS will not work for you without the ABS runnable ...  


Marcel de Jong posted on 2016-10-04

Hi Jiri, thanks for your respons. Could there be a mismatch in the envset.bat and the sql settings i entered in the gui during setup of Design Server.

REM You may edit this section for customizing purposes.
REM If you use named instances then append a "\" and the name of your instance
REM The login name that is used to execute this script
SET MSSQL_SAG_MSSQL_LOGIN_NAME=[sql admin account]
REM name of database that will be created by the script.
REM folder in which the database files should be stored.
REM credentials of the login that is used by the application.
REM schema names for the default and master tenants
SET MSSQL_SAG_TENANT_DEFAULT=aris9desacc_default
SET MSSQL_SAG_TENANT_MASTER=aris9desacc_master

Settings via Install GUI Aris Design Server
Server: NLAGTxxxxxxxx
Port: 1433
Instance Name: mssqlserver
Database name: aris9desacc
Application User: aris9
Password: xxxxxxxxxx
Default schema: default
Master schema: master

Could there be a mismatch in the schema settings?


!! UPDATE !!
I think i fixed it. I changed in the sql settings in the install gui the servername to the full fqdn and used the database name in the the schema, default schema will be aris9desacc_default and the same for the master schema.

Now all runnables are started and i can connect to the UMC.

Jiri Mares posted on 2016-10-06

Hi, Marcel good to hear you have managed to get it working in meanwhile. Anyway a good point to start with in similar cases where you are not sure about connection to external dbms is just to paste the "aris" connection string to some other tool like DB visualizer and see if you can log in there. Here you have full control over aris installation and what is important over dbms as well. But imagine a situation where you need to ask administrators of dbms to prepare the db environment (users, tables, schemas) prior the installation itself and later for any change you need :) What more db admins don't let you to use the batch programs to setup the environment for Aris. So you need to provide them with single commands and step by step guide.

BR, Jiri