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ARIS 9.8 Design Server LDAP settings

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by Marcel de Jong in Administration & User Management posted on 2016-10-20

Hi all, who can help me with configuring LDAP in Aris 9.8 Design Server. It is not very clear in the manual how to configure it.

In Aris Business Architect 7.2 I have the following ldap settings:

Port    389
Base DN:  DC=xx,DC=domain,DC=com
User base DN:  OU=NL Users,DC=xx,DC=domain,DC=com
User group base dn: OU=NL Groups,OU=NL Users,DC=xx,DC=domain,DC=com

User Account: User DN:   CN=Aris LDAPRead,OU=Service Accounts,OU=Users,OU=NL Server
Append base dn?  Yes

Identifaction attributes
LDAP user ID: objectGUID
LDAP group ID: objectGUID

Primary attributes: objectGUID

User Attribute settins:
Distinguished Name  <distinguishedName>
e-mail address   <mail>
Full Name   <cn>
Name    <sAMAccountName>

Filters: Log in:   (&(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName={0}))
No mapped user groups

How to configure this in LDAP via http://localhost/umc ?

Much appreciated.


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Tony Iliev posted on 2016-11-02

Hello Marcel,

to configure the LDAP settings in ARIS 9.8 you need to log in the UMC and switch to the 'Configuration' icon. You'll find all the the necessary LDAP details there.

Marcel de Jong posted on 2016-11-07

Hello Tony, thanks for your respons. I know that i have to use the UMC, but I it is not clear to me how to fill in the ldap fields. So what do i have to fill in at "Attribute Mappings" etc.. Hope you can tell me.


Tony Iliev posted on 2016-11-16

Hi Marcel,

I'm not LDAP expert, and you should ask the LPAD person responsible for those settings, e.g. how the "Distinguished Name" is specified - is it just "DN" or something else.

Of what I see for one of our clients "Connection" and "Behavior" are mainly customized, the other is ARIS default settings.