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Hi all, who can help me with configuring LDAP in Aris 9.8 Design Server. It is not very clear in the manual how to configure it.

In Aris Business Architect 7.2 I have the following ldap settings:

Address:  dc0.xx.domain.com
Alternative:  dc1.xx.domain.com
Port    389
Base DN:  DC=xx,DC=domain,DC=com
User base DN:  OU=NL Users,DC=xx,DC=domain,DC=com
User group base dn: OU=NL Groups,OU=NL Users,DC=xx,DC=domain,DC=com

User Account: User DN:   CN=Aris LDAPRead,OU=Service Accounts,OU=Users,OU=NL Server
Append base dn?  Yes

Identifaction attributes
LDAP user ID: objectGUID
LDAP group ID: objectGUID

Primary attributes: objectGUID

User Attribute settins:
Distinguished Name  <distinguishedName>
e-mail address   <mail>
Full Name   <cn>
Name    <sAMAccountName>

Filters: Log in:   (&(objectClass=user)(sAMAccountName={0}))
No mapped user groups

How to configure this in LDAP via http://localhost/umc ?

Much appreciated.