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See the newest ARIS features at CeBIT 2016

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by Elke Bastian in ARIS BPM Blog posted on 2016-03-02

The World’s biggest IT fair CeBIT takes place on March 14-18 in Hanover, Germany.

The ARIS team will be onsite and show the newest features of the upcoming release on our Software AG booth in Hall 4, booth C 11.

The new ARIS 9.8 SR 4 will be released in April, but you can see the newest features already at CeBIT.

We are presenting live demos for ARIS BPA including the new features for the classical ARIS products like ARIS Architect and Designer, but also highlighting ARIS Connect and ARIS Cloud with enhanced features for contribution, configuration and modeling.

Focus topics will also be process-driven SAP, ARIS Mobile Access and Customer Experience Management. Last but not least, we will also demonstrate the newest features for ARIS GRC.

Use this opportunity to meet the ARIS experts at CeBIT and come to our booth. Please feel free to contact us to arrange a meeting upfront with the right expert.

Your contacts are:

Josèphe Blondaut for ARIS BPA, SAP and ARIS Mobile

Nicolas Pillong for ARIS BPA and Customer Experience Management

Elke Bastian for ARIS Cloud and ARIS GRC

See you in Hanover!

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Datta Patil posted on 2016-03-17

Hi Elke Bastian -

All the best for your conference..!!

Are you going to share your presenations from conference ?

I would really appreciate if you can..






Penny Blank posted on 2016-03-29

I would also appreciate a copy of the presentation from CiBiT