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ARIS - problem during client installation

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by Eleonora Alunno in User Support posted on 2017-11-30


we have tried to install the client Architect ARIS. on a pc, once without db local with success and after that with db local, but during the installation we have received this message: Unable to start Software AG ARIS 10 LOCAL and the installation has been failed.

Can someone help me to understand what the problem is?

Thanks and regards,


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André Vitor Oliveira posted on 2017-12-01

Hi Eleonora,

One reason about this error could be the recourses of computer, please check if you have enough memory and hardware to use local installation, on the dvd has the documentation 'ARIS System Requirements.pdf' and check the local server requirements...


Andreas Weiss posted on 2017-12-01

Hi Eleonora,

during the setup process log files is written by the setup. To analyze the source of your problem these logs would be very helpful.

Can you please provide me the logs ? 

[Execute the batch file 'collectLogFiles.bat' in <your-installtion-path>/support. This will create in the same directory a file named '']

BR, Andreas    

Eleonora Alunno posted on 2018-01-04

Hi Andreas,

sorry for the late reply. At the moment, I do not have the pc on which we had tried to install the client with local db, but I have the log files that I saved during the installation.

Thanks and regards,

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