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Queries - unable to use variant relationship

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by Erik Mossing in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-11-06

I'm trying to create a query that indicate wether or not a model (in a list of models) has a variant copy or not. My goal is to create a query that can help me in maintaining tracebility of model variants. 

My approach so far has been to use the formula QUERY_IS_CONNECTED(source item;target item;connection type;result string)

However, I can't find the variant relationship type when setting the parameters for the formula. Is the variant relationship not a valid connection type?

Is there anyone who can suggest a better approach? (I'd rather avoid scripting...)


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Erik Mossing posted on 2018-01-08

This post is getting old, Is there no one who would like to comment? Perhaps suggest a different approach? As of now I'll use manually set statuses which is error prone but better than nothing.

Is there an intended use of the model variant relationship beyond studying the variants of a specific model? (which is of some but limited use when managing the whole repository)

Nikita Martyanov posted on 2018-01-08

Hello Erik,

As far as I know there is a standard report (script) in "Variant" category that outputs models and their variants. Or you need special output?

BR, Nikita

Erik Mossing posted on 2018-01-08

Thank you for your reply,

The script is useful to identify unknown variants, didn't know about it. Thanks!

However, I would like to create a spreadsheet model that lists a selection of models (generated by a query) with a few descriptive properties visible and the key information of existing variants.

Perhaps I need to reconsider the idea.