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Connecting the dots between Cobit, Togaf & Agile

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by Etienne Venter in Professional ARIS posted on 2016-12-06

“In a global economy, organizations are forced to adapt quickly to evolving technology and a fluid corporate landscape. Few of these companies have shown the capability to quickly pivot their software production or manufacturing units to consistently deliver end-user products that are of high quality and on schedule. The capabilities required of a high-performing organization to provide increasing development velocity with frequent and effective communication cannot be implemented overnight. It requires an organizational commitment to change and cultural adaptability for progress”.

Here is a link to a post that illustrates how Cobit and Togaf can effectively be combined to deliver projects in an agile manner across the enterprise Connecting the dots between Cobit, Togaf and Agile


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Carsten Pitz posted on 2016-12-07

Hi Etienne,

would IMHO be a nice contribution to "ARIS in 10 years".

An ARIS that covers

  1. Enterprise Architecture (i.e. value chains, risk-value maps, capability maps, enterprise level requirements model, ...)
  2. Solution Architecture (i.e. solution level processes, functional architecture, PIM,  solution level requirements model, ...)
  3. Application Design (i.e. application level requirements model, application level processes, PSM, ...)

in one model. Providing complete traceability.

Do you file this or should I do it?

Best regards,



PS  This would be more or less a merge of Alfabet and ARIS. I would like to see OMG MOF as the common base ;-)

PPS  A common artifact generation language would be nice. "Common" means NOT limited to documents (i.e. reports). Generation of any textual artifact shall be provided.

Etienne Venter posted on 2016-12-07

Thanks Carsten for the feedback, yes I think I will post it there!