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Semantic check error on 9.8 SR6

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by Etienne Venter in User Support posted on 2016-12-12

Hi there, we have just upgraded to 9.8 SR6, but I have tested the semantic check for BPMN using the default United Motors Group DB, but I get the following error - see below. Any help will be appreciated!

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M. Zschuckelt posted on 2016-12-12


I tried to verify the behaviour on the same release with the current UMG (not much BPMN in there). I'm sorry, but I can't reproduce it. Please contact support to take a closer look at your situation. Taking a look at the code of the Semantic Check I don't even see anything at line 44 that could cause such an error (I might be wrong). Are you sure you updated your System DB with or after the latest system upgrade?

Best regards, M. Zschuckelt