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ARIS 98.7-Defining a simple Change control process

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by Faz Zaman in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-02-07

Currently got ARIS 98.7 set up with Designer connect on thin client. Just wanted some recommendations on designing a simple change control process.

So as an example modelers will have rw+c access to models, they submit a proposal. The QA person receives that proposal and either approves or rejects that proposal. The proposal may mean it was either an actual edit to the model or just some comments seeking a response.

If the QA person approves the changes he then runs the semantic/ structural checks, if these are okay..QA person re-versions and we then merge the database with the live db on a weekly basis.

Can anyone provide me with a simple example of how they manage the change control process?

Is there any difference using the ARIS change request process within Design connect (Person responsible attribute) and from within the ARIS architect/ designer thick client install.What does the 'Start governance' functionality do that is difference from within Designer connect. 





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Rune Becker posted on 2017-02-08

Are you referring with "Designer connect thin client" to ARIS Connect Designer?

ARIS Connect Server comes with ready-to-use mini-workflows, such as Change Request, Request Approval. So several aspects of your requirements should be covered. And individual workflows can be designed and deployed as well.

See more details in this Knowledge Base article on Empower:


Faz Zaman posted on 2017-02-08

Hi Rune,

Yes, I was referring to Connect designer when I stated 'thin client'. I am pretty new to the connect product/ component and will check out the links.