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ARIS 98.7 Components/ Products/ Licenses.

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by Faz Zaman in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-02-09

Hi all,

Just trying to understand the products.

-I have ARIS Architect/ Designer installed. This is the thick client install. Is there a thin client version  ( non 'Connect' version of this available too? Based on my license information below do I have that?

- I have also installed Connect Designer/ Server. This is up and running and pointing to a database I created in ARIS Architect and users I created using UMC.

-I am fairly new to the Connect suite and am considering using the traditional client install for ARIS Designer, is this available as a thin client install?

-Am I correct in understanding the Connect suite can be used to replace the traditional thin/ thick client Architect/ designer and Publisher set up with additional groovy collaboration / socialising functionality.

- Also if I am restoring a new Tenant, are there any licensing considerations I need to follow up on?

Just checked my license privileges within UMC.


Connect Designer-15

Connect server 1

Connect viewer -100.

- I tried logging in as a new user in Architect, and getting a license error message. It allows me to log in via Connect designer? No problem logging in as a system manager.

- Also, its allowing me to delete models and objects via Connect designer although I have specified (RW+C) access to the test group/ models. Read (R---) only access is working well.!!

-Can I add comments via Architect/ designer and not through Connect designer.

- Ideally is better to have Connect server and thick client Architect/ Designer installed on separate servers? Currently installed on a single box and working ok.




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Rune Becker posted on 2017-02-09

1) ARIS Connect Designer doesn't replace ARIS Designer nor ARIS Architect, but it's the equivalent on those both clients, just not Java-based but running in a browser. For a closer feature comparison please see "Functional Product Matrix" on your ARIS DVD.

2) ARIS Connect Server = 100% of ARIS Design Server + Portal + Collaboration. See on ARIS DVD the document "Technical Whitepaper" to get an idea. There's another installation type: ARIS Architect with a local database system, named LOCAL, but restricted to one user only and quiet limited compared to the real servers.

3) See #1. The thin/browser-based clients doesn't need a local installation. It loads itself when you start editing a model, which is literally one click away on the Connect portal where you are browsing on published processes.

4) My statement in #3 means also, that Publisher is no longer needed as separate product, considering that Connect comes as 2-in-1 product, browsing through a process portal (what Publisher offered in the past) PLUS editing processes either in the browser (=ARIS Connect Designer) or, also one click away, downloading ARIS Designer/Architect for accessing for features such as simluation, deep-dive analysis, report scripting etc.

5) A user accounts requires ARIS Connect Viewer or ARIS Connect Designer to access the portal/browser. ARIS Architect or ARIS Designer is needed to work with the installable/downloadable Java-based ("rich") clients.

6) ARIS Architect/Designer can't work with the portal components, such as Collaboration or embedded mini-workflows.

7) Of course have ARIS Connect Server + downloaded or installed ARIS Architect/Designer on one computer. For demo or local consulting work this is the only way to keep your own computer independent of a centrally installed server.

However, in a customer environment you would rather keep the server on a central machine and let the clients connect through the network from their end-user computers.

Finally, I recommend you to attend an ARIS training:


Faz Zaman posted on 2017-02-09

Once again thank you Rune for the comprehensive response.