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Tracking Changes on Process Models

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by Frank Chan in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-05-29


Relatively new to ARIS here.  I was wondering if there is a way to report on changes after a model has been approved by a user defined attribute.  For example, let's say I created a user defined attribute for "Approved" (Yes/No), at the EPC model level, in which I will define and save on a given Last Change Date.  

I would like to report on all changes made to the EPC model after the Last Change Date.

Is there a report I could run for this in the front-end?  Is there a workflow that could be activated in ARIS that would notify a user when a change is made?  I hope this all makes sense.  Thank you!


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Mayur Patel posted on 2017-05-29

You can use versioning in ARIS to keep track of changes over time.Whenever there is a significant update that needs to be recorded (possibly when you update your Approved attribute) then the model can be versioned. You are then able to compare the different versions over time.

[edit] I should have been clearer in my answer - There is a model comparison script that can be used to compare 2 models to see the difference - this can be for 2 entirely different models, 2 versions of the same model or even models in different databases.


Frank Chan posted on 2017-06-05

Hi Mayur,

Thanks for your reply.  I am currently using ARIS 9..just tried to right-click an EPC but a can't see the Version option (I have Architect privileges).  Is there a way to configure and activate this?

Also once versioning is activated, how do I go about using the script?  Is there a front-end way of comparing two versions?