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ARIS Filter Issue & Function Type Language

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by Frank Chan in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-09-19


Question: As I am new to ARIS would like to know if there is a way to import a filter backup to restore to original configurations?

We currently have ARIS 9.8 setup in English.  However, while in administration, we noticed that the Function Object Type Name was changed to Spanish "(Paso) de proceso.  All other objects, models, etc. are in English...

In addition, our filter was reset somehow -- here are some findings in an EPC model:

- Cannot connect any available objects (e.g. applications, documents, roles, positions, etc.) to function objects which include Function, Process Interface, SAP Object, etc
- Cannot create a relationship in a function object (error reads "Filter does not allow to assign models to this object type")
- ARIS Connect reporting is not displaying RA(S)CI because we cannot connect these objects to function objects


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Martin Schröder posted on 2017-09-21

Hello Frank,

with Architect navigate to ARIS > Admininstration > Configuration > Method

From the toolbar you can reset the selected entries in the right explorer window of the method to ARIS defaults, e.g. model types or attribute types.

Please check the help topic Manage ARIS Method > Restore ARIS defaults
URL: http://<your server>/abs/help/en/handling/ba/index.htm#52905.htm

Furthermore there is a default systemdb on the ARIS setup DVD or download package, e.g. for Aris 9.8.2 located in ARIS_DVD-\Content\SystemDB\asdb_98_2_0.adb

This can be used wih the arisadmin.exe command restoresystemdb <path to systemdb.adb>

But be aware that this resets all filters, model templates and scripts to the initial state.

Regards, Martin