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ARIS Script - Free Textes and Notes

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by Holger Reidemeister in Professional ARIS posted on 2016-10-31


I would like to find out if there are any free textes or notes in my model. I've got my current model (oCurrentModel) from a list of models (aModels). Now I want to know the number of notes (nNotes) in this model.

In the ARIS help I found the functions:

OccList(): Returns a list of all occurrences of the free-form text in models.

OccListInModel(model): Returns a list of all occurrences of the free-form text in the specified model.

So I wrote the following lines:

aModels = oCurrentGroup.ModelList(true);

for (var m=0;m<aModels.length;m++)


  oCurrentModel = aModel[m];

  aNotes = oCurrentModel.OccList();

  nNotes = aNotes.length;



On the line "oCurrentModel.OccList()" I always get an error: "TypeError: Cannot find function OccList in object Model@..." The same comes with "oCurrentModel.OccListInModel(oCurrentModel)"

I'm sure, I make a mistake. But I don't know, what is my mistake. Is there anybody who can help me?

Many thanks. Holger

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Florian Rese posted on 2016-11-03

Hi Holger,

Have you tried using TextOccList()? This should return an array of all the free text objects used in a model. The method OccList() returns all ARIS objects as per my understanding.



Holger Reidemeister posted on 2016-11-03

Hi Florian,

many thanks for your idea. That works. Now I'm one big step forward. But now I get more than expected. Can you please (or anyone other) tell me how I can find out, which note is a normal note and which is a sticky note?