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Report debugger error, report ID ==-1==

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by Holger Reidemeister in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-08-07

Dear community,

I've got written a report for writing model-infos into a word document with text and graphic. This report is startable with one or more models or with a group, where all the models inside the group and the subgroups are written into the word-document.

Sometimes I get the error message while running the report: "Report debugger error: startDebugSession: report ID==-1==> report exec not properly initialized!"

I have debugged the report and the error occurs at the command for output the model graphic to the output object: "oOutput.OutGraphic(oModelPic, -1, nMaxW, nMaxH);", so I know at which model the error occurs.

If I start the report at one group, the report stops at the round about 40th model. Every time the same model, when starting at the same group. But when I start the report only at this model or at one subgroup with less models but included this model, the report runs through without any errors.

Depending on the group the error occurs at the 40th or 80th model or the report runs through, also with more then 80 models.

My idea is, that there is a problem with the memory. But the task manager says there is free RAM left. I use 6-7GB of 8GB and it becomes not much more when the report is running. The created docx-document haves a size of 1-5 MB, as far as the report runs without this error.

I also tried to put this command into TRY-CATCH. But the command lines in CATCH are not executed. The error message occurs as well as without TRY-CATCH.

So I would be very happy if anyone can help me by telling me:

  • what can be the reason for this error?
  • how can I check the memory usage of the output object?
  • how can I prevent this error?

Many thanks to everyone who haves an idea.



Martin Schröder posted on 2017-08-09

Hello Holger,

maybe this can help: ARIS Report Scripting - Best Practices (SAG Empower document downloads under ARIS 10)

It sheds some light on performance and efficient memory consumption.

The method Database.clearCaches() after iterating over each model could be worth a try (cf. chapter Using more effective methods for an explanation).

Regards, Martin

Holger Reidemeister posted on 2017-08-11

Hello Martin,

many thanks for your help and for your idea. Now I have optimized my script.But there wasn't much to do. In general I did what is written there in the document.

Unfortunately there is no difference. I've got the same error message.

Seems like the size of the output object with all the text and the pictures creates the error. But I only can write the content into the document once with "oOutput.WriteReport();". No chance to write the content chapter by chapter.

Thanks & regards, Holger

Robert Goldenbaum posted on 2017-08-11

Hi Holger,

well, you could create multiple word documents (one per chapter or one per model) which you store in a special folder and then try to use a new script to add all those documents into a large document.

Or you could remove the graphics completely from Word and put them into an excel sheet...

Regards, Robert