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List of pictures and tables

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by Holger Reidemeister in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-09-07

Hello community,

in my report into a Word document I need lists of all chapters, pictures and tables in the document with the page number.

The list of chapters (= table of content) I get with the property “Constants.FMT_TOCENTRY#” and “Constants.FIELD_TOC”. That works fine in my report.

But how can I create a list of pictures and a list of tables in a similar way?

I would be very happy if anyone can help me.

Many thanks and greetings


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Robert Goldenbaum posted on 2017-09-08

Hi Holger,

as far as I know, this is not possible directly from ARIS. I would be happy if anybody can prove me wrong :-)

I have tried to circumvent this problem by having a second word document with only the picture field in it. I use then an extrended output object and insert the picture field document whenever I output a picture. But the problem with this is that the resulting document then has a linefeed at the end of the document once per entered picture field document. So this can lead to multiple empty pages at the end...

BR Robert

Martin Schröder posted on 2017-09-12

Hello Holger,

maybe this can help to create a Word index of images and tables:

cf. help page Constants > ArisFormatType
( /abs/help/en/script/ba/index.htm#report_CONSTANTS_ArisFormatType.htm )

Constant for DefineF, TableCell, Output
Create an index entry for this text. An index entry can be used to create a directory of all index entries at another location using the Constants.FMT_INDEXLIST within an output instruction.

Regards, Martin

Robert Goldenbaum posted on 2017-09-13

Hi Martin,

yes, this works a little bit, but only for an Index. So if you need two tables (one for figures and one for tables), this will not really help...

But well, better than nothing :-)



Holger Reidemeister posted on 2017-09-14

Hello Robert, hello Martin,

many thanks for your ideas. :-)

I'll try to use "Constants.FMT_INDEXENTRY" and hope, that this is sufficient for the customers need.