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Semantic check failure incorrect structure - What is wrong with this model with a Cycled Event?

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by Ian Favarger in Professional ARIS posted on 2017-11-17

Help needed! When I run semantic check:

  • Rules for a service-oriented EPC

    • Process parallel flows, inclusive decision paths and exclusive decision paths are well-formed

on an EPC with a Cycled Event, I get the error:

  • Incorrect structure. Closed structures cannot implicitly nest open merge structures

I do not get any indications of errors by use of information marks in the model.

Can someone enlighten me with what I'm doing wrong in the below EPC with a Cycled event?


How can I fix this model so I don't get sematic check error?

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M. Zschuckelt posted on 2017-11-17

Hello Ian,

I think, there are 2 things to be changed in the EPC:

1. eliminate the event "Object B approved". It is followed directly by "Object A&B completed", which makes an event follow an event.

2. I understand, Cycled event 1 is used as 2 occurrence copies of the same event. The structure becomes clearer, if you draw the connection from the bottom occurrence directly to the merging XOR-rule. I think, then you should be fine.

Ian Favarger posted on 2017-11-18

If I draw a connect between Cycle event 1 occurrence and the XOR rule, the No cycle may exist in the model error is produced in the semantic check. This is why I'm using a Cycled Event (occurrence copy of an event) as per this thread