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I can not access the UMC

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by Keny Bustillos in ARIS Cloud Support posted on 2016-10-14

Good day to all,

Install ARIS 9.8 on a Linux RedHat ES 6.6 (64bit) with Oracle 12.2, I followed all the steps in the installation manual, but once finished I can not enter the UMC. I'm trying to access as follows (link is external). What it does is that is thinking a while and then gives me an error saying that the server is busy, or is off or has trouble answering requests ..

How could verify the port you are using the UMC to be accessed? the only thing I can think is that I'm trying to get down the wrong port.

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Veronica Ninova posted on 2016-10-24

Hi Keny,

You can perform the following command in order to check which is the port set during the installation.




Rune Becker posted on 2016-10-24

And by using the parameter verbose instead of config that command reveals whether that value had been changed/reconfigured from its initial value:

show instance loadbalancer_m verbose

BTW, the additional option config is already default value when calling show instance <name of a runnable