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Model height limit?

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by Jacek Domon in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-11-17


Dear Community, I have encountered a problem while trying to place object occurance on model using script in ARIS 7.2. When Y position of the object occurance is higher than 50000 there is an error:

So as you see, the objocc in this example has Y position above 50000.
This problem don't exist with values below 50000.
My questions:

1. Is there any known restriction on the dimensions of the model for object occurance placement?
2. Can it be bypassed in coding?


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AUGUSTINA PRAPA posted on 2017-11-19


When you use ARIS Architect/Designer, the modeling area is restricted to the following dimensions: 50000x50000. So, you cannot place an object occurrence outside this area. We had a similar problem during the implementation of a custom report and the only alternative we had is either to reduce the size of the object symbols or reduce the objects occurring in the models by creating assignments.



Robert Goldenbaum posted on 2017-11-20

And anyway - such models are VERY bad for the performance in ARIS 9...

Jacek Domon posted on 2017-11-20

Thank you, so this is what I have expected. Augustina, I am following your way and trying to calculate the expected number of all the objects in the model first and then set their size and positions to match the 50kx50k placement area.

Thankfully the performance is not a problem in my case and the model opens considerably fast. There is (only?) around 250 objects on the model however.

Best regards.