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ARIS latest version and estimated cost

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by Jayshree Asutkar in Administration & User Management posted on 2017-10-25

Please help me with the latest version of ARIS and the estimated cost for its products.

Thanks & Regards.

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Priya Sahu posted on 2017-10-25

It depends on the companies requirements, which components the organisation will require.

Jayshree Asutkar posted on 2017-10-25

Dear Priya,

We need below mentioned ARIS products - 

1. ARIS Business Architect, 

2. ARIS Business Designer, 

3. ARIS Business Publisher,

4. ARIS Business Server, 

5. ARIS Process Governance.

Rune Becker posted on 2017-10-25

Dear Jayshree,

Telling from the product names I would guess you are not up-to-date. Here's our offering not just a pure product list but also shown by their capabilities:

But here on the ARIS Community we don't sell our products. That's done by local offices and sales representatives:
And in many countries we have certified partners offering the same: