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How to create new symbols and How to use symbols from BPMN in EPC?

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by x H in Professional ARIS posted on 2010-04-01


how can I create own new symbols in Aris Express?


And how can I use symbols from one modell type in another modell?

e.g. BPMN in EPC: "group" and "pool" would be nice to have


Thanks for your help.




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Sebastian Stein posted on 2010-04-01

Hi Jan,

this is not possible. ARIS Express can't be customised in contrast to the professional products. It is also not possible to use "symbols" from other diagrams, because ARIS has a method and is not just a drawing tool.

x H posted on 2010-04-01

Thank you very much for your quick reply.


Ivo Velitchkov posted on 2010-04-01

It seems that there is a demand for something simpler than BPMN but a bit richer than EPC. I'm sure many people extend the EPC notation for their projects, myself including. And taking some elements from BPMN seems quite often a natural way, default sequence flow and compensation being first examples that come to mind. (It's good that attribute symbols can be controlled by the attribute values in the professional ARIS. ) But I just wonder, are there any  plans to further develop EPC. I saw some extensions already done for the process automation. But what's the general strategy?  (1) Maintain and develop, (2) leave to it's destiny but no additional effort, (3) stop supporting at certain point or (4) other.

Uwe Roediger posted on 2010-04-02

Hi Ivo,

EPC remains a very important process notation for. Even if BPMN seems to get more important also for high level business process modeling we are convinced at the moment, that BPMN cannot replace EPC in the next years. Therefore the option is clear, we have to maintain and develop the EPC methodology and appreciate all input we can get.