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Dear ARIS Community,

I am a new user and just got the application upgraded to ARIS Architect 9.8 SR 7.

Requirement : We are very interested in adding an attribute which enables attaching images(from the local system) to process steps.

In SR 7 we found that the attribute Davidoff > documentation enables us to do the same. Can you help me with some of my questions ?

1) Is this the right attribute for uploading images ? Are there other attributes?

2)  Currently we can see these 3 options for upload : ".doc" , ".docx" , "All files" for this attribute. We are using "All files" option to select and upload images using this attribute. Is there any way to remove the options doc and docx ?.We wanted to restrict all designers from seeing doc and docx thus enabling everyone to see only the option to add images to a process step (and not a word document or other files).

3) Is there the possibility to retrieve and display this attribute in a report possibly by displaying an icon to indicate that there is an image attached to the respective process steps ?.

Attachment : The screenshot of the attribute options

Thank you for your valuable inputs !



Attachments:Image icon Capture.PNG