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Running reports on the publisher

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by Jibin George Mathews in Reports & Macros posted on 2017-08-16

Hi all,

I saw that there is an option(in Tab Reports) on Publisher to import reports and am able to import a custom report to the business publisher but i am missing the "evaluations" option to run reports in the publisher. There were many standard reports in the business publisher already available but couldnot find an option to run them..

Can you please help me to understand where to enable it in the layout ? 

Please find attached a snapshot of our default layout for the UMG database.but it is still missing the option to run reports.



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Martin Schröder posted on 2017-08-23

Hello Jibin,

reports can be executed from the context menu (right click) of groups, models, or objects.

The result can than be accessed by two ways:

  1. user waits for the ready message and opens the output file
  2. or user checks the Evaluations tab for a list of queued and finished reports with a link to the output file

It is indeed strange, that in a default layout the Evaluations tab does not show. You could check the file layout.cfg.xml on your publisher server, if this tab is deactivated.

Regards, Martin