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Single Sign On in MashZone : Complete scenario with using the enterprise umc

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by Jonathan Ilambo in MashZone posted on 2015-12-16


I study the possibility of configuring for a customer his SSO without the use of the umc MashZone .
My wish is to use directly the umc of my customer and MashZone keeps the checks concerning the key of connection.

Could you tell me if this scenario is possible ?
Are we obliged to use the umc MashZone for the checks of the right(straight) users?

Best regards

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Rune Becker posted on 2015-12-17

Dear Jonathan,

MashZone's embedded UMC/Administration is needed to check the authorization of user trying to login, the product license assigned to that user account and the access privilege on available dashboards. This can't be outsourced.

For SSO you could go via LDAP accessing/importing your customer's Active Directory.

The easiest option to let someone accessing your MashZone dashboards without login is, that you publish your dashboard for anonymous access.


Jonathan Ilambo posted on 2015-12-17

Dear Rune,

Thanks for your answer. I appreciate those 2 propositions but i need to study advantages/disadvantages of each and how long that would begin to parametrize them.

Can you give me more informations about these 2 propositions (Scenario) :

1.  SSO via LDAP accessing/importing your customer's Active Directory.

2. Publish my dashboard for anonymous access

If you have some links which can help me, give me that and i will read it.

Best regards,


Rune Becker posted on 2015-12-17

Well, when MashZone is installed, you have access to it online help and PDF based documentation. Publishing a dashboard for anonymous login is descrbed there, and connecting LDAP, SSO, too.

Alternatively, on Empower, the customer portal of Software AG, you have access to the product documentation, too. Here's the shortcut: